BMEE Colour200pxBushfire Building Expo

Saturday September 10 2016
Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub, Springwood.


Bushfire Building Conference

Friday September 9 2016
Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub, Springwood.


Pool Spa and Outdoor Living Expo - 28 - 29 May - Brisbane Showgrounds Exhibition Building

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A stunning new façade panel delivering an authentic timber boarded appearance.
BAL-FZ and FRL 60/60/60 approved.
Not just a cosmetic ‘add on’, but the wall fabric itself – representing huge cost savings for Builders, Home Owners and Developers alike.


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10 Reasons to Love a Green Roof

Take a look at the environmental, aesthetic, economical and even structural benefits of a 'living roof

As a building designer who specialises in sustainable design, my mission is to see more of Australian cities transform from a desert of concrete to a sea of green. Green roofs can play a huge part in this. Recent research has shown that green roofs can have huge benefits, and not only to the structure on which they are installed. So why don’t we all have green roofs?

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weatherboard saved moneyINEX WEATHERBOARD™ for affordable Bushfire Construction

‘It saved me $15,000 per house’
Ian Gough, A Grade Constructions

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Installation of Poly-Tek/Ubiq’s Concrete Composite Noise Walls

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thum sustainable alternativeA Sustainable Alternative to Fibre Cement and Plasterboard

For over a century plasterboard and fibre cement have been foundations of the building and construction industry, utilised for everything from ceilings and flooring to cladding and decking.

And while the versatility and ease of use of these products is clear, evolving expectations within the building and design industry as well as the broader community have increased the need for alternative solutions.

The greatest challenge facing the industry today is in reducing the carbon footprint of the building environment, and the expectation that each facet of construction, from material manufacture through to ongoing performance prioritises eco-friendly building.

While prioritising eco-friendly building it is also crucial that performance is not compromised, and that strength, safety and durability remain key characteristics.

UBIQ developed INEX>BOARDS™ with the aim of providing the building and construction industry a range of high performance building sheets that improve the carbon footprint, increase safety, and offer a unique alternative to traditional plasterboard and fibre cement sheets.

This paper looks at the performance of INEX>BOARDS™ in the key fields of sustainability and fire resistance.

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UBIQ a Proud Contributor to Archiblox – The World’s First Carbon-Positive Prefab House


As part of Melbourne’s Sustainable Living Festival UBIQ has been a proud contributor of the Archiblox, stationed in the City Square 9th to 16th Feb 2015.

UBIQ’s unique low carbon INEX>BOARDS feature throughout the design by architect Bill McCorkell, including; INEX>FLOOR throughout, INEX>WALLBOARD for internal walls &ceilings and the façade treatment.

They play an important part in Archiblox’s carbon positive story.

UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS are; low carbon, beautiful, flexible (‘any building, any surface, anywhere’) and won’t break your building budget.

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