Low Carbon Fibre Reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) Technology

UBIQ is the provider of lighter weight sheets for the construction industry. Critically, our products are both low carbon and high performing. The UBIQ Low Carbon Fibre Reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) Technology has been in development for almost a decade to produce it's range of building boards for the construction industry.

UBIQ’s innovative technology has been developed with the aim of producing a 'world’s best' building board. This aim is now complete.

Our INEX>BOARDS offer improved performance over the typical fibre cement and plasterboard products used in the industry. Our boards are manufactured in China and are fully accredited for Australia where they have been in use for over 10 years.

The most accurate description of our INEX>TECHNOLOGY is a lightweight Fibre Reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite or FREC for short.

It is made from the highest grade raw materials that are carefully selected and tested before use.

The binder is 100% pure inorganic natural metal oxides that have low GHG and VOC footprint.

With a bone like cellular structure it has excellent strength and durability.

Our fibre reinforcing is made from pure natural mineral metalloid dioxosilane, and provides the highest modulus of rupture of any product of its type in the market. A breathable mineral cement substrate that has the flexural strength equal to most timbers. It contains carefully selected and graded fillers that form molecular bonds within the matrix to ensure optimum strengths combined with low density for light weight ease of handling.

It is not subject to degradation by UV light, heat or cold, wind or rain. It will not burn and offers substantial fire rating as well as acoustic insulation. It is ready to accept most construction adhesives, stains, paints or mineral coatings and has inbuilt adhesion enhancement.

The manufacturing process uses pultrusion technology which doesn’t provide us with an homogenous surface finish.  We complete the task using specially designed sanding, profiling and routing machines that allow us to provide our customers with the strongest and most cost effective cement based construction board in the world.

UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS are; low carbon, beautiful, flexible and won’t break your building budget.


Below we summarise some of the benefits of UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS:

Low Carbon
UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS minimise harm to the planet through a low energy production undertaken at room temperature. The embodied energy of our board is considerably less than that of the fibre cement boards or calcium silicate based plasterboards. 

UBIQ’s INEX>BOARDS can be manufactured to a bending strength of up to 75MPa. This is 3 times stronger than concrete at 25MPa. The bending strength of our flooring product is 22MPa – about three times that of comparable fibre cement flooring.

Our boards can be used in all climates - hot, wet, snow and frost, hot and dry.

Our tests demonstrate that INEX>BOARDS(TM) retain over 80% of the dry strength after 25 soak-dry cycles.

Fire Resistance
Our tests demonstrate that INEX>BOARDS are non flammable.

Acoustic Resistance
Our tests demonstrate an acoustic attenuation higher than that of standard plasterboard products. At 10mm thickness our boards provide a similar attenuation as 13mm thick sound rated plasterboard.

Impact Resistance
INEX>BOARDS(TM) offer a higher impact resistance than that of fibre cement or the impact resistance plasterboards currently on the market.

Water Resistance
Our boards have a high level of moisture resistance and conform to the requirements of the Water Permeability Test.

Healthier Living
UBIQ's INEX>BOARDS promote healthier living. They do not contain asbestos, are non toxic and do not support the growth of mould.

All of the above are just some of the benefits of our INEX>BOARDS. It is exciting that all of these improved performance credentials can be found in one low carbon product - in a range of building board for all surfaces, internal and external walls, ceilings and floors.

Please feel free to contact our team at UBIQ should you require any further information about our INEX>BOARDS(TM).



It is UBIQ's mission to provide the construction industry with a simpler range of high performance products that minimise harm to our planet in their production and use.

We look forward to working with you to achieve this aim.