Important Notice

Fire rated wall systems are a serious life safety matter, both for building occupants and our fire fighters who in their duties are often required to enter buildings during a fire situation and who rely on the performance of fire rated wall systems.

It is UBIQ’s policy that all of its accredited systems should be tested under the requisite Australian or New Zealand Standards and by NATA accredited testing facilities within Australia or New Zealand. 


All of UBIQ’s fire related tests have been undertaken at the laboratories of Exova Warringtonfire Aus Pty Ltd in Victoria, Australia. We do not ask you to rely on third party accreditations or opinions of tests undertaken overseas.

As a matter of absolute transparency all of our accreditations are supported by downloadable Assessment Reports by our valued Australian Consultants.

The ‘INEX>BOARDS Fire Rated Systems’ document summarises the current fire rated systems available from INEX>BOARDS.

INEX-BOARDS-AS1530-Overview Fire Assessments

Exova Warringtonfire and/or CSIRO Fire Assessments



Where fire rated wall systems also require acoustic accreditation to Part F5 of the Building Code of Australia this accreditation is provided.


As with INEX>FIRERATING all UBIQ acoustic tests are undertaken in NATA accredited Australian laboratories and/or supported by Assessment Reports by UBIQ’s acoustic consultants PKA Acoustic Consulting Pty Ltd.