Polytek, a strategic partner of UBIQ, have developed a new low carbon, high performing solution for roadside noise-abatement barriers.

Having recently undergone full-scale impact testing with Queensland Rail Network’s C&S Engineers, Poly-Tek’s panels have passed the structural integrity tests, meeting QR/TMR technical requirements. Thereby, Poly-Tek panels are now a recommended product solution as noise barriers and fence materials wherever appropriate and required within the Queensland Rail Network. 

UBIQ & Poly Tek Australia have developed a range of factory applied finishes for its fence barriers including: low VOC paint systems; render style coating; anti graffiti coatings that allow the graffiti to be simply wiped off without damaging the finish below; and real stone laminates.

At last this much maligned part of the urban landscape has a range of range of affordable options for Urban Designers. All with a fraction of the carbon content of concrete panels.