INEX>EXPRESS is a durable, lightweight yet incredibly strong board designed for facade cladding on both residential and commercial applications. Each sheet comes with a tongue and groove edge for a tight fit
and with routed `V ́ grooves on its surface for that `timber cladding’ appearance, but without the need to fix individual boards.

INEX>EXPRESS also comes with fixing options for Fire Resistance Level (FRL) 60/60/60 and for all Bushfire Zones, including BAL-FZ.

Critically, INEX>EXPRESS is fixed directly to a timber or steel frame and is therefore a component of the wall itself; unlike other such treatments to facades, which tend to be a cosmetic addition the wall. So INEX>EXPRESS offers considerable savings in construction and materials for; Builders, Home Owners and Developers alike.

At last: An Affordable, Low Carbon, Low Maintenance, ‘Timber’ Boards, Fire Rated, Product - fit for use over multiple facade applications.

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