A high strength general purpose board for both internal and external applications that provides a superior smooth surface finish with recessed edges for joint setting and painting. Or even  leave it in its stunning raw appearance with a clear seal.

Whether; Impact, Water, Fire or Acoustic performances are required, INEX>WALLBOARD delivers – and all in the one single board.

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In partnership with a number of coatings companies UBIQ has identified a large number of approved coatings systems.Simply navigate through your selected UBIQ Products to your selected paint, stain or render coat system to find our approved application.


Whereas we have seen significant success in the finishes achieved using these coatings/stains on INEX>BOARDS when applied as outlined by the manufacturer, the coatings/stains are not an INEX> product and therefore not guaranteed or warranted in any way by UBIQ Pty Ltd.  Please consult the manufacturer for warranty and other information about their products.The recommendations and guides provided by UBIQ are in addition to, and not a substitute for, the manufacturer’s recommendations and guides for their products.  To ensure that you comply with the manufacturer’s current recommendations and guides please consult their literature prior to applying their products.Any warranty for use of these coatings is the responsibility of the manufacturer.